The unique site location and features, including its abuttal on three sides to a golf course and reserve, created the opportunity for a unique freestanding landmark development with a specific design approach that responded appropriately to its surrounding land uses.


Peddle Thorp Architects


Francis street Yarraville

  |  Date: April 21, 2016

This project , commenced in 2010 and approved in  early 2016, involved the rezoning of land from Industrial to Residential with a Development Plan Overlay, and the transfer of part of the land to Council  to facilitate a multi storey residential development comprising 131 apartments over seven storeys plus two levels of basement parking. The final result is a unique ‘U’ shaped development that incorporates a large central grassed area,  extensive glazing that integrates with the surrounding green spaces, outdoor terraces at various levels , activated interfaces, a well recessed ‘invisible’ upper level and a combination of carefully considered materials and finishes. The attention to detail has resulted in an elegant  landmark development that makes a positive contribution to the streetscape of Francis Street and offers a unique living environment.

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