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Title Re-Establishment

We offer land surveying services to determine the precise location of your property’s boundaries across Melbourne and rural Victoria.

If you plan to subdivide, construct along a boundary, adjust fences, or deal with unclear property boundaries, a title re-establishment survey is essential.

Knowing your boundaries can protect against disputes and may avoid legal issues.

What is involved in a title re-establishment survey?

  1. A Licensed Land Surveyor reviews your property’s survey history and title information
  2. Survey information is located on site
  3. This is compared to your current title boundaries
  4. New boundaries are marked where needed
  5. A Title Re-Establishment survey is prepared
  6. Record of having re-establishment, a cadastral boundary is submitted to the Titles Office

How Terrain Consulting Group can help:

Extensive experience & the latest technology

Title re-establishment surveys can only be completed by a Licensed Land Surveyor. Our professional and specialised team bring a wealth of knowledge and cutting edge equipment.

Protect against incorrect boundaries

Failing to establish the right boundaries can cause major problems down the track – especially if construction has already taken place!

Adhere to legal requirements

Title re-establishment surveys are critical in some situations, for example in subdivisions or building on a boundary.

Why choose Terrain Consulting Group for adverse possession land surveying?

  • Land survey plans completed within 2-3 weeks
  • 35+ years of experience
  • A deep understanding of Victorian councils
  • High level service and results
  • A commitment to the best land surveying services in Victoria
  • Recommended by leading architects and building consultants

Discover how Terrain Consulting Group can help you.