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Planning Applications

Planning permits are issued by local councils and give permission to develop or use land in a certain way.

It’s important to engage a town planner early on during the application process, largely to ensure your development potential is maximised and to verify your development proposal is compliant. Getting it right from the beginning saves time and money.

At Terrain Consulting Group, our town planning consultants have proven experience handling a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial land use and development projects across Melbourne and Victoria.

Every council is unique.

Achieving planning application approval can come down to how well you understand the local council’s processes and nuances.

With over 35 years of experience, Terrain Consulting Group has extensively dealt with just about every council across Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.

We have fostered positive relationships with Council Officers and collaborate closely with the council and you to facilitate a successful outcome.

How Terrain Consulting Group can help:

Planning application lodged within 4 weeks

Once we have all the final plans and reports we’ll get it lodged and provide you with weekly updates.

Fully realise your land’s potential

We help you maximise the profit of the land by advising on everything from the context of your land to policies and frameworks.

A track record of 6-9 months for approval

With our help, you’ll be able to speed up the planning permit process and keep your project moving forward.

When is a planning permit required?

There are various reasons and scenarios when a planning permit may be required across Melbourne and Victoria. These may include:

  • New developments
  • Extensions
  • Subdivision
  • Knock down rebuild
  • Change in land use

Why work with Terrain Consulting Group for planning applications?

  • 35+ years of experience
  • Extensive local council expertise across Melbourne and Victoria
  • Application lodged within a month of receiving final plans and reports
  • Track record of achieving planning permit approval between 6-9 months
  • Close collaborative approach with client, council and other specialise consultants such as Architects, Designers, Traffic Engineers, Landscape Architects, Heritage Consultants, Arborists and Ecologists
  • Holistic suite of services from the start to finish of a development project
  • Recommended by leading architects and building consultants

Discover how Terrain Consulting Group can help you.