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Easement Dealings

We offer land surveying services to identify and map easements in properties across Melbourne and rural Victoria.

An easement can comprise of carriage way rights or include service infrastructure (drainage, sewerage, gas, electricity).

It’s important for property owners and developers to be aware of any existing easements which may impact how the property is used or developed. Failing to understand this could have major consequences.

Is it possible to vary or remove an easement?

It is possible to apply for this by a planning permit application with council. Upon approval it will be registered with the Titles Office.

Our experienced Land Surveyors assist with preparing an easement variation plan, providing a surveyor’s report, and submitting the application.

How Terrain Consulting Group can help:

Extensive experience & the latest technology

Our Licensed Surveyors have vast experience in the creation, variation and removal of easements.

Submit a plan to change an easement

We work with you to prepare the correct documentation and reports for a submission to council.

Understand easements before developing

Neglecting to accurately define easements can become a big problem, particularly if construction ends up obstructing an easement.

Why choose Terrain Consulting Group for your easement dealing?

  • Land survey plans completed within 2-3 weeks
  • Documentation prepared for easement planning applications
  • 35+ years of experience
  • A deep understanding of Victorian councils
  • High level service and results
  • A commitment to the best land surveying services in Victoria
  • Recommended by leading architects and building consultants

Discover how Terrain Consulting Group can help you.