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Land Rezoning

Rezoning is when the designated use of a piece of land is changed, to allow a different kind of activity or a different level of density.

For example, farming land being rezoned for residential use.

The process of rezoning involves making a planning proposal to council to justify why an Amendment to the Planning Scheme should be made.

Terrain Consulting Group has extensive experience preparing planning proposals and navigating the rezoning process.

What does the rezoning process involve?

  1. Planning proposal prepared
  2. The proposal must be approved by the Minister for Planning

How Terrain Consulting Group can help:

Planning proposal expertise

We prepare documentation presenting the importance and benefit of the proposed change, and how it fits the needs and vision for the locality.

Extensive local council understanding

With over 35 years of experience, Terrain Consulting Group has dealt with just about every council across Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Manage the entire process

We go beyond just preparing the planning proposal and advocate for you with the relevant authorities.

Why work with Terrain Consulting Group for rezoning planning proposals?

  • 35+ years of experience
  • Extensive local council expertise across Melbourne and Victoria
  • A proven track record of successful land rezoning
  • Your interests represented to give you the best result

Discover how Terrain Consulting Group can help you.