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Barker Monahan

About Barker Monahan

About Barker Monahan is renowned as the principal consultant to local government and councils.

Dealing with the property and subdivision sectors, Barker Monahan prides itself on helping projects come to life.

Barker Monahan works on the development of projects large and small for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

Barker Monahan has been in business for over half a century.

The company has grown on a foundation built on trust, high standards and most of all, strong client relationships.

Ron Barker established the business in 1948 and operated out of Northcote from a small office. The small team worked on large projects and ran a very successful operation.

David Monahan came along with his resilient and determined work ethic in the early 1970s. Having already worked at another firm David had some experience, but his work with Ron refined his ability to manage a team and run a business. Their shared dedication to the needs of a client bonded the two and soon Ron Barker handed the business to David Monahan in 1982.

In 2018 David Monahan met the team at Terrain Consulting Group and saw in the group the same determination and dedication to the high standards for which he has lived his life and run his business. As a part of the Terrain family, the Barker Monahan team is strengthened and even more resources are now available to clients.

Partner with a team that is renowned for excellence in town planning and land surveying across Melbourne and Victoria.