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Obtain town planning services to fast-track your project

A track record of 6-9 months
for permits obtained

Maximise the potential and
profit of your land

Melbourne & Victoria
council expertise

Application delays bring development projects to a standstill.

Our town planning services take everything into consideration, from the context of your land to complex State and local policies and strategic frameworks.

With decades of experience working across Melbourne and Victorian councils, we understand the intricacies of local government and give you the best chance at timely success.

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*Since 2000, our track record of achieving planning permits is:

Home Projects & Extensions

4-6 months


6-9 months


12 months

How we help

Planning applications

VCAT representation

Rezoning applications

Urban/rural planning

Land use applications

Subdivision projects

We provide town planning reports for:

  • New homes
  • Alterations to existing homes
  • Multi-unit dwelling developments
  • Apartment developments
  • Mixed-use proposals
  • Commercial developments
  • Subdivision projects
  • Industrial developments
  • Land-use changes

Clients who have benefited from
our efficient application process:

  • I often have the need for fast, accurate town planning advice for my clients. For many years, I have been relying on the professional services of Lorenzo Rigoni and the team at Terrain Consulting. It is my job to advise my clients to what they can do to extract the best yield from their property or from properties they are looking to purchase. The first place I head is to the team at Terrain.
    Philip – Director – Re-Define
  • I really appreciated your guidance and help during the VCAT hearing process from the beginning to the decision. If I have to go through it again I will consider no one but you without any hesitation. Your knowledge on these matters, your calm and professional attitude, the ease you communicate and establish rapport with people were very confidence building. I recommend anyone who is planning to go through a development to talk with Lorenzo and his team as early as possible.
    Michael – Ivanhoe
  • After spending much more time than I would have imagined I almost had to abandon a project with a volume so called turnkey builder. This builder had the pricing come in way above what was first discussed, and after much disappointment I contacted Laurie. Laurie’s knowledge and down to earth approach was exactly what I was looking for. Laurie also referred me to an Architectural practice who have the dual occupancy experience I so desperately need. After only two meetings, I am well on the way to getting fresh architectural plans drawn up and I look forward to having these plans to council within 6-7 weeks.
    Nicole – Strathmore
  • On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you both for your professional conduct and the hard work you have put in for us to get the sub division. It’s been a long and stressful journey and we could not have asked for two better people to have onboard. Again, a big thank you and greatly appreciated.
    Chris – Greenvale
  • I met with Laurie Rigoni from Terrain Consulting Group for an informal meeting to seek advice about a property I co-own, and its potential for sub division. Having no knowledge of such matters, Laurie’s warm, friendly manner, breadth of knowledge and professional approach was comforting and appreciated. I would not hesitate in recommending Laurie to anyone who is interested in developing a property and is unsure about what can be achieved and how to go about it.
    Anna – Brunswick
  • Thanks for sending through the VCAT approval. I would like to extend our thanks for your efforts and diligence in preparing and representing our case at VCAT. This is a fantastic result and should be a great project for our team.
    Jim – Northcote
  • Many thanks for your assistance and continued support with the project at Derby Street, over the past three years.
    Brian – Kew

    Trusted by hundreds of companies

    How it works:

    1. Lodge your application within4 weeks

    Once we have all the final plans and reports we’ll get your application lodged within a month.

    2. Get weeklyprogress update

    We manage the application throughout the Council town planning process and keep you up-to-date.

    3. Aim to get your planning permit in 6-9 months

    Every council operates differently, but with our help we can speed up the planning permit process.

    Every extra day it takes to get approval is costing you.

    Let Terrain Consulting Group help you obtain planning permits within 6-9 months.