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Conversation with the Minister


On 14 March 2019, the town planning team at Terrain Consulting Group attended a seminar organised with the Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association at The Auditorium (CDB).
The seminar included a conservation between a former Planning Minister John Thwaites and the current Planning Minister Richard Wynne. The conversation focused on the Planning Minister’s plans for the next three years and a reflection on the past three years.
Richard Wynne discussed the following topics:

  • Plan Melbourne – Development trends were discussed in both the growth areas at the fringes of Metro Melbourne and in targeted Activity Centres.
  • The State Government’s commitment to Climate Change with the aim to reduce carbon emissions via innovative approaches to development.
  • Investment on public transportation as an alternative form to vehicles, in particular the Melbourne metro tunnel.

Overall, the seminar was very insightful and our planning team enjoyed the seminar.