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Gippsland Jersey Foundation


Recently, our Land Surveyors attended the 2018 Institute of Surveyors Victoria regional conference that was held in Inverloch, whereby they were fortunate to hear a presentation by Gippsland Jersey and their three pillars, being;

  1. Fair Price for Farmer
  2. Smashing Stigma of Rural Mental Health
  3. Kindness

The Directors of Terrain Consulting Group heard their story and sent an encouraging email along with a donation to contribute to the Gippsland Jersey Foundation.

As a token of appreciation, a few weeks later Steve Ronalds and Sallie Jones unexpectedly personally delivered some Gippsland Jersey milk into our office on a Friday afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised and pleased that our contribution could assist their cause.

Businesses that believe in Social Corporate Responsibility inspire and motivate to dream bigger.