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Growing Through COVID-19


As we take this opportunity to look back on 2020, like most businesses, we are forced to consider the challenges that presented themselves this year.

The disruption of the dreaded Coronavirus has presented unthinkable challenges for Victoria, its people and its economy.

For Terrain Consulting Group, this has meant dealing with the closure of our own offices, whilst rethinking the way we work.

It meant navigating closures of council offices, the shut down or scaling down of constructions sites and helping our clients deal with the repercussions.

However, whilst the obstacles and difficulties that 2020 presented are as numerous as they are obvious, they provide Terrain with great inspiration for 2021.


Because whilst we acknowledge the challenges we have faced, we at Terrain must also pause to reflect the mountains we have scaled despite those difficulties.

We are proud of our exceptional team of agile thinkers and do-ers here at Terrain.

Together, we have proven our ability to provide exceptional service to our clients, even in the harshest and most trying of circumstances.

We have worked diligently to ensure that regardless of the challenges our clients face, be they in their businesses, their developments or even their personal lives, we have maintained – and hopefully grown – our reputation as land surveyors and town planners that can be relied upon for our accessibility and quality of advice.

Looking back at the numbers, Terrain actually saw growth in 2020, with 624 registered projects spanning across Town Planning and Land Surveying.

This compares to 2019 that had 608 registered projects, meaning we actually had an increase in 2020.

The diversity of projects continued to be varied typically comprising house extensions, units, child care centres, medical clinics, multi-level mixed use buildings and broad acre land subdivision.

Over the course of 2020, Terrain has helped our clients win at VCAT, gain council approvals, lodged plans of subdivisions, completed countless land surveys and so much more.

As well as kicking goals for our clients, we have even ticked off some major business goals.

As many of you may know, two years ago, Terrain Consulting acquired Barker Monahan.

The acquisition was a big step forward in the growth of the Terrain team and service offering, particularly with respect to our land surveying capabilities.

However, with our expanding team working from two different locations, one of the businesses biggest goals heading into 2020 was to finally bring all our staff under one roof.

We are delighted to say that we have managed to do just that, thanks in large part to the exceptional contributions of many of our referral partners who contributed to the project, including Victor Sarris of Office Boy and Rob Ryan of Rob Ryan Projects.

It is fitting that after a year that kept us apart for so long, we will head into 2021 with all Terrain Consulting Group staff working and collaborating under the one roof.

We are excited to take full advantage of this in 2021 and look forward to helping all our clients – old and new – make their property goals come true in the New Year!