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Land Use Terms Advisory Committee


In December 2017 the Minister for Planning appointed an Advisory Committee to review and recommend improvements to land use terms and their definitions in Clause 74 of the Victoria Planning Provisions as part of the Smart Planning program to reform and modernise the Victorian planning system.

The Advisory Committee have released a discussion paper and called for submissions, and is due to submit a final report to the Minister for Planning in mid April 2018.
Some of the issues explored by the discussion paper include:

  • What impacts associated with ‘glamping’ need to be controlled, that are not already controlled under the Camping and caravan park term?
  • Is there merit in defining Brewery, Distillery or Chocolate factory? If there is, how should they be treated in zones?
  • Is there a need to amend the definition of Medical centre, and what precise change is required?
  • Is it appropriate to change the definition of Take away food premises to allow for a certain number of table or seats? What number?
  • Is there merit in defining a use aimed at capturing pop up galleries or shops? If so what should it include, and what limits should be applied?

Terrain Consulting Group has made a submission to the Discussion Paper that suggests there should be a separate definition for a Low Impact Tourist Facility – with specific limits / requirements in relation to (amongst other things) the number of structures (eg 8 tents) , maximum number of guests , removability of structures, and eco – friendly features.

We have submitted that the current definition of Camping and Caravan Park ( Land used to allow accommodation in caravans, cabins, tents, or the like) , is too broad and not reflective of the intent of such proposals.