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What is the Difference Between A Planning Permit and A Building Permit

If you’ve got a potentially profitable development idea or an upcoming construction project in mind, then it is crucial that you obtain all your required permits ahead of time. After all, your precious project won’t get off the ground without the relevant paperwork at hand.

But which permit do you need for what purposes? Today, we’re going to take a look into both building and planning permits to help you unravel some of the red tape.

What’s a Planning Permit and a Building Permit?

A planning permit must always be obtained before a building permit is sought. A planning permit is granted by local Councils to provide written permission that a use and or develop on a site complies with the State and Local planning policies, the land use zone and applicable overlay restrictions on a site. Once a planning permit and associated endorsed plans are approved, a building permit must be sought if construction is required on the site. It is noted that a planning permit is not always necessary to begin construction. If in doubt, contact the town planning department at your local Council or contact our office to find out whether or not a planning permit will be required.

A building permit on the other hand, strictly relates to the construction process that is due to take place. You will first need to choose a building surveyor from either from the local Council or within the private sector to assist you to obtain a building permit.