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What is the role of a Town Planner?


Curious minds often inquire, “What is the role of a Town Planner?”

That is exactly what our Town Planning Director Lorenzo Rigoni shared some insight on at a business network breakfast in front of 50 people last Wednesday.

At its core, Town Planning is a multidisciplinary endeavour, requiring a broad understanding of all thing’s property related. Town Planners serve as the go-to person within organisations, offering insights into various aspects of urban development.

Working hand in hand with professionals from diverse fields such as architecture, engineering, lawyers, and beyond, Town Planners orchestrate the management of established cities and the formulation of visionary plans for future settlements.

The aim of a Town Planner is to achieve a harmonious balance in urban society, considering factors like built form, land use, demographics and governmental policies.

While navigating the challenges posed by government politics, we strive to enact change that will leave a lasting, positive impact on both current and future generations.