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A Client-Centric Approach To Town Planning and Land Surveying

Whether you’re a Mum-and-Dad investor looking to make the most out of your corner block or a full-scale developer managing multiple projects a year, you need a town planning consultant you can trust.

At Terrain Consulting Group, we put trust at the centre of every client interaction.

In the video below, Terrain Director Lorenzo Rigoni explains why ensuring a strong, trusting relationship between the client and Terrain is so important.

“Client relationships are very important,” he said.

“From the very first phone call to the first client meeting, it’s really important to develop a trust immediately.

“That could be something as simple as joining us and making a coffee together and asking about their family and friends or what they do week in, week out.

“I find that in that way, they trust you and they are comfortable to put on the table what their objectives are, what their issues are and what their perceived barriers are.

“That [allows us] to best serve them and help them achieve their particular outcomes and goals.”

So, what does that mean for you, the client?

It means working with a town planner experts in Melbourne who takes an interest in you and your overall goals for the project and what comes next.

Who understands what this project means for your short and long-term future.

It means plenty of coffee (or tea) on us.

It means working with a partner you can trust to stay in constant contact with you and any other stakeholder you need to be involved.

Trust: A Two Way Street

While we understand the importance of earning the trust of our clients in the earliest exchanges of our work together, we know that a client’s trust is only truly won through:

  • consistent communication,
  • transparency in our process and
  • the deliverance of the stated objectives

With over three decades of experience between Terrain Consulting Group and our subsidiary Barker Monahan, we have a fantastic track record of helping our clients achieve their property dreams.

We help our clients by providing expert services in:

Town Planning, including services such as:

  • Urban Planning
  • Rural Planning
  • Town Planning Reports
  • Design feasibility
  • VCAT and Panel Hearings
  • Liquor licensing
  • Council representation
  • Town Planning applications
  • Land Use Changes

Land Surveying, including services such as:

  • Land Subdivision
  • Feature levels
  • Title and re-establishment surveys
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Road disclosures
  • Easement identification

Experience You Can Trust

Terrain Consulting Group has worked on a wide range of projects, meaning you can trust in the considerable experience of our town planning consultants.

Some of the projects we have worked on include:

  • Apartment developments
  • Medium-density housing
  • Commercial developments
  • Dual occupancy dwellings
  • Home extensions
  • Industrial developments
  • Land use applications

The sooner you involve a trusted town-planning consultant, the greater value they will be able to add to your project.

By marrying our town planning in Victoria and land surveying services, we bring our clients a holistic range of services that will ensure you can trust in Terrain’s ability to serve you and your project from beginning to end.

We work directly with our clients’ appointed business professionals, such as accountants, architects and builders, to provide greater efficiencies throughout the process.

If you need help finding reputable professionals you can trust, we can also help refer you to a number of businesses we have worked with and come to trust with our clients.