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‘Been There, Done That…’ What Over Three Decades Of Town Planning Experience Means For Your Next Project


With over 30 years of experience within the Terrain Consulting Group family, there are a few things we’ve learned over the years when it comes to land surveying and town planning.

And when it comes to choosing the town planning consultants you want to work with for your property development project, that’s the expertise you want on your side of the equation.

When you factor in our extensive range of services between our town planning and land surveying departments, you can trust in Terrain Consulting Group’s ability to provide expert guidance and a high standard of work for every project we work on.

So, what are the three biggest lessons from over 30 years in the business?

Clear and Concise Communication: More than Buzzwords

We understand the importance of clear, concise and constant communication with our clients.

When we deal with clients in the process of developing land and property, we understand that a lot is at stake.

From the money involved to the pressures it can place on other parts of our client’s life, we know full well how important it is to our clients that they are consistently communicated with throughout our involvement in their project.

Communication is crucial to our process to ensure:

  • We understand our client’s goals and objectives
  • We consistently provide updates on the progress of their file
  • Our client is aware of relevant dates and timelines
  • Our client’s expectations are managed in line with the realities of their project
  • Our client is satisfied they have a transparent understanding of their project and our processes

It is through this constant practice of communication that Terrain Consulting Group and its subsidiary Barker Monahan has been able to leave a trail of satisfied customers.

Understanding Councils: Key Experience On Both Sides of the Desk

With so much experience working for and dealing with councils right across Melbourne, our team of planning consultants know what councils and their planning departments want to see in the applications that come across their desk.

That means we can provide our clients with clear and realistic feedback about their plans and guide them to the result they want.

This experience means we’re also well equipped to help clients who come to us after their initial planning application has been rejected.

We can assess the facts of the situation and provide our client with a plan to help them get back on track and on the side with council and other relevant authorities.

Our Team Is Your Team: A Trusted Panel of Experts Our Clients Can Trust

When you’ve worked in this industry as long as we have, you meet a host of fellow property professionals along the way.

From traffic and waste management solution providers through to conveyancers and architects, we have established a panel of trusted experts we can refer our clients to for the specialised assistance they require when they need it.

This is a powerful value-add for our clients, who range from experienced developers right down to first-time investors or mum-and-dad clients looking to make the most of the family block once the kids have moved out.

This bank of experts is available to our clients and because we have worked with them for so many years, we know we can entrust our clients with them and be confident in the quality of our work.

What does that mean for you? It means you get much more than just the three decades of town planning and land surveying experience we bring to the table.

You also get decades of experience our key partners bring to the table with an expert panel of trusted resources.