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All Your Land Surveying and Town Planning Services Under One Roof

When it comes to developing land, you want to partner with experts who bring you all the land surveying and town planning expertise, guidance and advice you need in one, efficient service.

Terrain Consulting Group and our subsidiary Barker Monahan provide a holistic range of services to developers and councils alike that:

  • Puts the client at the heart of the discussion
  • Makes life easier for the developer
  • Ensures clear, concise and ongoing communication with all stakeholders
  • Increase the likelihood of a successful application
  • Prepare for possible objections
  • Provides access to a range of relevant experts from traffic management to waste management and more
  • Provides expert VCAT representation and advocacy

So, when it comes to your next property project, you want to make sure you partner with a town planning consultant that can help you tick all the boxes.

We are expert town planning consultants and land surveyors.

By bringing these two related but unique disciplines together, we are able to provide a full suite of services to everyone from veteran land developers to mum-and-dad investors looking to maximise the value of the family home.

Below we break down the major ways our town/urban planning and land surveying services can assist you with your property needs.

How can Terrain’s Town Planning Consultants help you?

Town planning, these days sometimes referred to as urban planning, is the art of understanding the context of the land, what is permissible and how your development or proposed land use will affect the surrounding area.

These are the factors that must be considered before a successful town planning application can be submitted with a realistic hope of approval by the local council.

Without this approval, your project, whether it’s a seemingly simple extension to the home or the development of a new shopping precinct, cannot move forward.

Our town planning services apply to various types of projects such as:

  • House extensions
  • Medium-density housing
  • Multi-level apartment buildings
  • Offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Medical centres
  • Children care centres
  • Industry

For these types of developments, Terrain’s planning consultants can assist with:

  • Design feasibility
  • VCAT and Panel Hearings
  • Liquor licensing
  • Council representation
  • Town planning applications

These services will help you contextualise your plans and dreams for your property development against the realities of the land you own and the surrounding areas.

The goal of our town planning consultants is to help you achieve your dreams in a way that also accounts for the various roadblocks and objections that may lie ahead.

How can Terrain’s Land Surveying Services Help You?

The essence of surveying is dealing with land and the title that describes it.

Effectively, it is the art of assessing a piece of land and determining if it is still as the title describes it.

Over time, things change, as a block of land and its neighbouring blocks are developed.

For instance, if in the process of building a house, a fence was constructed one meter onto the neighbouring property, this might not be properly picked up until a land survey is conducted.

So, why is land surveying important?

It is crucial to any development project because it provides the truest picture of the available land, which will inform what is and is not possible to do on it.

Some of the various land surveying services provided by Terrain include:

  • Feature levels
  • Title re-establishment surveys
  • Subdivisions
  • Adverse possession claims
  • Road disclosures
  • Easement identification

You can read more about land surveying on our dedicated service page.

The Terrain Consulting Group Difference

Whilst we strive for and achieve excellence in the quality of our work, the ability to marry these two crucial services and our ability to foster genuine relationships with our clients and professional partners is what sets us apart.

By delivering town planning and land surveying services under one roof, we provide our clients with a holistic service that caters for all the planning and surveying needs in preparation for and during their development project.

Our strong relationships with our network of referrers also help to unlock added value for our clients.