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Why There Is No Such Thing As “Too Soon” When It Comes To Receiving Advice From a Town Planning Consultant


Whether you are building something new on your property or changing the way it is used, chances are you are going to need help with town planning.

But how soon is too soon when it comes to involving a town planning consultant in your next property project?

According to Terrain Consulting Group Director Lorenzo Rigoni, there really is no such thing as too soon.

“Ideally a customer comes to us for advice at the very inception of the ideas,” he says in the video below.

“In that way, we can understand their goals, their objectives, we can identify any barriers and work out a strategy to move forward.”

Here are three reasons why earlier is better when it comes to contacting a trusted town planning consultant.

Know what’s possible before you make a town planning application

Receiving advice from a Melbourne town planner at the earliest inception of any ideas pertaining to any changes you want to make to your property will help to ensure you receive a complete picture of your property and what is possible on it.

By understanding your timelines, your ideal outcomes and your vision for the project, Terrain Consulting Group can tailor a solution perfect for you.

Alternatively, if you are at the exploration phase and looking to understand what is possible, then consulting a town planner will help illuminate the possibilities for you.

A town planning report from a trusted planning consultant will give you a realistic outline of what steps need to be taken to achieve your goals, as well as potentially opening up new possibilities you may not have considered, or even thought possible.

This is crucial to the success of your town planning application in the long run and will help ensure you are able to make any crucial adjustments or improvements to your plans before you embark on the road to designs and applications.

A Full-Suite of Property Services

When it comes to property development, you will need a range of services to get the job done.

Terrain Consulting Group can help you get your project from conception to completion with the following services:

By partnering with an expert planning consultant early in the process, you will know exactly what steps you need to take to get your project up and running and understand the steps and timelines required for completion.

This can help with costing the overall project and ensuring your consultant is across everything they need to be, from the first step until the last.

Have A Trusted Professional On Your Side From Beginning to End

Having a planning consultant on your side will provide fantastic value throughout your property transformation project.

Our expert team at Terrain Consulting Group have extensive planning experience, on both the council and private side of the fence.

This means we can provide expert advice, insights and guidance throughout the whole process.

We work hand in hand with your trusted professionals, from architects to builders, to ensure your project remains on track and remains compliant with the approved application we have helped you to achieve.

Should we encounter any unexpected twists and turns on the road to completion, we will be there to help with a full understanding of what has already happened and where we want to go next.

Working With Terrain Consulting Group

Terrain Consulting Group has a proud reputation as a reliable consultancy for all things town planning to our wide range of satisfied clients, from full-scale developers to individual investors and mum-and-dad property owners alike.

Whether you’re a veteran developer with an established team of architects and other property professionals, or you’re considering a first development or change of land use, Terrain Consulting Group has worked hard to cultivate fantastic relationships with trusted professionals we can refer you to for a range of related services as required.

This means that when you work with Terrain Consulting Group, you work with a team of property professionals who can help you achieve your property dreams.