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Exploring Future Housing Demand: Insights from the Property Cove Roadshow 2024


On May 30th 2024, members of Terrain Consulting Group had the pleasure of attending the Property Cove Roadshow 2024, hosted at the RACV club.

Our Town Planning Director, Lorenzo Rigoni, was honoured to share his expertise as one of the guest speakers in front of an audience of over 100 attendees. Lorenzo, alongside a lineup of knowledgeable property professionals all offered profound insightful intakes on current pivotal industry trends such as property law, real estate, construction, commercial leases, town planning, architecture & design and tax & accounting.

Lorenzo’s presentation focused on the anticipated population increases which will be expected over the next 10 years and the Government policies at the Federal and State (Victorian) level in place to assist with the required increase of housing supply.

A special thank you to Vee R-Byrne for her exceptional coordination, ensuring the seamless execution of this amazing event in which it was a privilege to be part of.

Well done to all the co-presenters for sharing valuable insights across their respective fields!