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Listen, Strategise, Expose | Three important Town Planning elements you want in your next property development project

What makes Terrain Consulting Group stand out from the rest?

As director Lorenzo Rigoni puts it, we:

  1. Listen to Communicate
  2. Are Strategic Focused
  3. Provide Exposure to Value-Add Businesses

So, why should these three attributes matter to you and how will they make a difference in your next property development project?

Let’s dive in.

Listen To Communicate

“It’s very important to pause and listen to what is conveyed, to have an understanding of the matter.” – Lorenzo Rigoni

This might seem obvious, but as land planning consultants our focus on truly listening to and understanding our clients is of crucial importance to our ability to exceed our client’s expectations.

We place such a high value on this focus because it ensures complete transparency between Terrain Consulting Group and our clients.

It means we understand exactly what our client wants to achieve, why they want to achieve that goal and how the project affects their short and long-term goals.

More than that, we want to understand and accommodate our clients needs.

  • Are they time poor?
  • Do they have a preferred time for phone calls?
  • Do they want email communication?
  • Would they prefer we deal directly with their appointed professionals?
  • Do they need referrals to other property or business professionals?
  • Have they previously taken their town planning application to VCAT?
  • Do they need help with a VCAT building disputes

This ensures we can tailor our advice to the client, adopt the right communication approach for their needs.

Strategic Focused

“We are lateral thinkers. The obvious solution isn’t necessarily the only solution.” – Lorenzo Rigoni

Once we understand the goals and objectives of our clients, it is up to our team of experienced planning consultants to strategise a plan forward.

Often our clients come to us with a stated aim that they feel compelled to achieve because they believe or have been told it is the only option for their project to progress.

Our strategic focus and lateral thinking, combined with the holistic range of land surveying and town planning services mean we can often put a number of options on the table that the client may not have previously considered.

As the project progresses, we are always prepared for the number of variables which may arise.

With our team on your side you will be in good stead to achieve your desired outcomes.

Exposure to Value-Add Businesses

“I think most importantly is being able to extend the client’s exposure to the broad business network we have.” – Lorenzo Rigoni

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with Terrain Consulting Group and our subsidiary Barker Monahan is the extended business network we can expose our clients to.

Property development is a team effort. From home extensions or dual occupancy projects to more complex apartment, industrial and commercial developments of industrial and commercial developments, a wide range of professional expertise is required.

From the architects and designers who design the end product, to the various consultants that have input to the project, these different areas of service are all an important part of successful development.

Through our years of experience, we have worked with a wide range of these professionals and we have curated an expert business network around us who can add value as required to our clients and their projects.

Coupled with our philosophies of Listening to Communicate and being Strategic Focussed this is a powerful element because it allows us to guide our clients to expert professionals throughout the life of a project.