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Shaping Melbourne: Three ways Town Planners help shape the city


We love what we do here at Terrain Consulting Group because we truly believe that every project we work on is an opportunity to shape our great City and make it that little bit better than it was before.

We have a saying at Terrain Consulting Group that “Quality only happens when you care enough to do your best.”

And when you care about your clients and your City as much as we do, you can trust that Terrain Consulting Group is going to give its all to deliver the best outcomes possible for the client.

Development v Sustainability

As Melbourne’s population increases it goes without saying that land has to be developed and properties have to change in Melbourne to keep up with demand.

In many ways, the challenge is striking a balance between development and sustainability.

The two are not mutually exclusive, and they can be achieved together.

Perhaps this is the most fundamental challenge town planners face.

At Terrain Consulting Group, this is a role and a challenge we take very seriously.

We are, of course, advocates for our clients. But we also understand that as planners, we need to educate our clients and be sensitive to the concerns of local, state government, as well as the community surrounding the area of development.

Our land surveying department plays a crucial role in this, as our land surveying services provide the context our town planning department needs to make educated decisions about the strategy to be adopted to achieve our client’s goal in a way that is acceptable to the relevant authorities and the community.

This is crucial not only to ensuring development of Melbourne remains sustainable but to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Town Planning For The Future

As town planners, we play an active role in shaping Victoria’s property future.

Through the provision of rezoning and land use services, we help to change what is possible for property in different areas of Melbourne.

This helps our clients to open up new opportunities and spaces for residential housing, commercial and/or industrial development.

We don’t just act for developers, we also provide advice to councils and the community.

Bridging The Political Gap

One of the major roles that town planners play in shaping the future of the city is bridging the gap between the businesses, local council and the community.

In doing so, we act as conduits between the various parties and help our clients arrive at a solution that is practical, within the confines of relevant legislation and associated regulations.