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Success Through Collaboration


Collaboration is crucial to Terrain Consulting Group’s success.

Regardless of whether we are helping a client with their town planning services or land surveying work, there are always multiple stakeholders that need to be involved.
From our client’s advisers and other professional service providers, through to councils, water and road authorities and so on.

As town planners and land surveyors in Melbourne, we can’t get very far for our clients without being able to collaborate with all the necessary parties on their behalf, whilst keeping them informed of what is happening every step of the way.

In this video, Terrain Consulting Group director Lorenzo Rigoni details how Terrain collaborated with one of our key referral partners, Tick Box Conveyancing, to secure fantastic outcomes for our clients.

In this case study, our client Rick*, was in the process of completing a proposed subdivision, with the intention of developing a multi-unit site, with the new properties to be sold off the plan.

As part of our discovery work with Rick, it was revealed that he did not have a conveyancer who could assist with the submission of the Plan of Subdivision as well as the preparation of contacts for off-the plan sales.

“We had a client that was looking at completing a subdivision and townhouses and we asked asked him if he had a conveyancer,” he said.

“The preferred referral for conveyancing is Tick Box Conveyancing, because we have full confidence that once we give the referral off then immediately, they’ll come back and request the documents they need.

“It allows a seamless lodging and preparation and monitoring of the subdivision, so in the last stages our surveyors are working directly with the Conveyancing team.”
Terrain has developed a close, almost symbiotic, relationship with Tick Box Conveyancing over the year and they have naturally become one of our preferred referral partners.

Because of our pre-existing relationship with Tick Box, we were able to refer Rick with confidence that not only a fantastic job would be done, but that Tick Box would keep Terrain’s staff and the client updated every step of the way.

Tick Box Director Martin Galea said by working together and sharing information about the client, Tick Box could tailor their advice to best reflect the mutual client’s position and end goal.

This allows for a much more efficient work flow and allows both firms to work seamlessly to achieve our client’s stated goals.

“[In this example,] we could put him in a position where he would have leverage and look to exchange contracts much quicker,” Mr Galea said.

This is just a small example of how Terrain’s work in meeting and building relationships with related property service providers adds significant value to our clients.

By surrounding ourselves with trusted partners who we know can help our clients professionally, efficiently and to a high standard of work, we enrich our own services by ensuring our clients can come to us with any problem knowing that we can help them find a solution, even if the help they need is in an area of service Terrain Consulting Group does not specifically deal in.

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Whether you have a project underway or are still in the planning phases, you can trust Terrain to add exception value to your work through our own high-quality land surveying services in Melbourne, urban planning services and town planning services, as well as connecting you with a wealth of professional who can assist in every area of property and development.